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A guide to Sydney’s indie record stores by Sydney’s indie record stores. You can download the map, complete with walking tour route suggestions, or find printed versions in all the listed stores and surrounding shops and cafes. Of course, the experience doesn’t  just stop at the boundaries of our map, so use this guide as a place to start and then keep hunting off the beaten path, because that’s where all the action happens.


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The birth of a vinyl record

Posted By admin on May 16th, 2016

birth of a record - vinyl factory



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2016 Artwork – Sneak preview

Posted By admin on March 31st, 2016


Welcome RPM in Marrickvile

Posted By admin on February 1st, 2016

RPM – Records, Posters, Memorabilia
113 Marrickville Road | Marrickville, 2204
(02) 9569-3465 |  www.rpmrecords.com.au

Tue-Sun: 11am-7pm | Thur-Sat: 11am-10pm
RPM Records is the ultimate destination for music lovers. We have a large amount of Vinyl, CD’s, DVD’s, also Music Posters, Books, T-Shirts, and an impressive collection of Framed Vintage Music and Sports Memorabilia for sale. Something for every taste and budget. We buy, sell, and trade and would love to show you our shop, next to the Gasoline Pony, so drop in next time you’re near Marrickville!
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At first sight

Posted By Stephan G on November 3rd, 2015

Part record fair, part live gig, and all entertainment, At First Sight is a day dedicated to everyone that still buys vinyl and loves live music. Flip through records from a variety of the city’s independent record stores, labels and private dealers and experience the best Australian artists and DJs from across the country in this musical utopia created by FBi’s Martin Doyle.

FEATURING: Acid Baby Jesus (EL), Andras, Blank Realm, Broadway Sounds, Donny BenetPresents: The Songs Of Nile Rodgers, DJ Jonathan Toubin’s Soul Clap & Dance Off (USA), Los Tones, Lost Animal, Lucy Cliché, MY DISCO, Nicholas Allbrook, No Zu, Nun, Oscar Key Sung,Palms, Richard Cartwright, Rolling Blackouts, Royal SitarsTees, Total Giovanni, World Champion + DJs











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Mobile Record Store

Posted By Stephan G on June 26th, 2015

With rental prices in Sydney always on the rise, one enterprising artist decided to take his trade on the road – literally.

For eight years, George Pizer sold vintage records and clothes at Pigeon Ground Records & Clothing. The Camperdown store was a two-pronged operation; Pizer oversaw clothing, Tim Barber took care of the records. By the time escalating rents pushed Pizer out to Katoomba in 2013, his interest in vinyl had been decided.










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A Record Store Photo Book

Posted By Stephan G on June 25th, 2015

“Since 2009 I have been working on the photographic documentation about the culture of record stores. I travelled around five continents and photographed over 160 record stores in 35 cities to date, such as New York, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Stockholm, Sydney, Oslo, London, Paris, Brighton, Berlin, Newcastle, Glasgow, Reykjavik, Los Angeles, San Francisco, etc.”

Bernd Jonkmanns

RECORD STORES - The photobook about record stores

RECORD STORES – The photobook about record stores










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Liquorice Pizza 2 – The Second Slice

Posted By Stephan G on May 25th, 2015

Vinyl Market / Swap Meet / Open Dex / BBQ

@ Cafe Lounge FREE ENTRY

Yep, it’s on again. So who’s up for a lazy afternoon of chillin’ with the homies, buying some records, talking crap, spinning some tunes, eating, drinking and merry-being?

Hosted by the bro’s in the knows. Ben Fester & Barney Or Kato. Open Dex curated by The Wax Lab

This gathering is designed with you in mind. Midday start and all vinyl pimpin’ will be perpetrated by humans with parts of their collections, not record shops.


So: Dj’s, Collectors & Newbs contact us if you want to flog some wax – once again, it’s $10 to bring a crate and $20 to bring up to 4 to sell from.


Vinyl Fair

Posted By Stephan G on April 27th, 2015

11090834_442343049255210_3338504326910293600_oFire up partners, this baby’s coming back around again! Mark our words and save the date, for this is not one to miss.
MORE great vendors with shitloads of amazing stock. We’re talkin’ weird, wonderful, rare, classic, new and all other manner of ‘must have’ magic!
Now one for the dorks, Frankie’s Vinyl Fair II is extending the list of collectibles beyond the world of vinyl and into the comic and zine realm. Yep, the pizzeria area will blast out an array of wicked printed material for y’all to feast your 4 eyes on.

AND WHAT’S MORE, is that we’ve been carefully crafting an ale to release especially for the date, and with the sole intention of keeping you well hydrated all day long. No shit! To help mastermind said brew we’ve called on the diabolical minds of our bro’s at Utopia Records, Sydney. You can imagine the greatness that’s in store, and who have we called on to bring this beast of myth into reality? Nomad Brewing Co.!! One of Sydney’s brightest crew of flavourseeking, fresh thinkin’ brewmasters!!
Inspired by the Autumnal season of change, the brew of the day will be a tight, crispy, smooth n’ richly US style Amber Ale – ! A bold blend of specialty malts and seasonal hops. Yes sirree!
Do you need more? OK, we’ll have DJ’s slingin’ the sweet sounds of vinyl pressed rock&roll and a selection of great acts to gander, groove and gasp in awe at also.

FREE ENTRY of course.
Fair from 12, bands from 6.

New Printed Guide OUT NOW

Posted By Stephan G on April 25th, 2015

Available from all the independent record shops in Sydney.

For online versions click the two links up there on the right.


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Diggin Sydney 2015 Store Guide LAUNCH PARTY – Thursday 9th April 6pm – Mojo Record Bar

Posted By Stephan G on April 8th, 2015

MOJO Record Bar – Come hang with the Vinyl Junkies and celebrate our latest piece of colourful paper. 2015 Guides out on the night! Be real social and click JOIN in the facehole.
73 York Street – 6pm til midnight (or thereabouts)



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