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A guide to Sydney’s indie record stores by Sydney’s indie record stores. You can download the map, complete with walking tour route suggestions, or find printed versions in all the listed stores and surrounding shops and cafes. Of course, the experience doesn’t  just stop at the boundaries of our map, so use this guide as a place to start and then keep hunting off the beaten path, because that’s where all the action happens.


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Our latest addition – Listen Up Darlinghurst

Posted By Stephan G on June 12th, 2013

Huge apologies to Listen up for missing them on the first run of the guide.

391 Liverpool St, Darlinghurst
listenup@bigpond.net.au | 0425342541 facebook.com/pages/Listen-Up-Records
Saturday: 11am – 5pm or via appointment. Established in 1994, Listen Up Records trades out of the little blue building just off Darlinghurst Road. We stock heaps of second-hand wax. Rock, Funk, Jazz, Hip Hop, Electronica. View Map

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One suspects a Boomer wrote this

Posted By Stephan G on June 11th, 2013

You just gotta love the in depth treatment from NY Times.


“And the buyers, Mr. Bizar said, are by no means boomer nostalgists …

… we get kids calling us up and telling us why they listen to vinyl, and when we ask them why they don’t listen to CDs, they say, ‘CDs? My dad listens to CDs — why would I do that?’ ”


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