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A guide to Sydney’s indie record stores by Sydney’s indie record stores. You can download the map, complete with walking tour route suggestions, or find printed versions in all the listed stores and surrounding shops and cafes. Of course, the experience doesn’t  just stop at the boundaries of our map, so use this guide as a place to start and then keep hunting off the beaten path, because that’s where all the action happens.


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Digital is not, we repeat, not killing vinyl. However … :)

Posted By Stephan G on May 28th, 2013

‘Vinyl Purist’ Identified As Primary Suspect In Slaying Of 22-year-old Traktor DJ



BERLIN – Police have identified 36-year-old Johannes Van der Burgh as the primary suspect in Friday night’s gruesome nightclub slaying of 22-year-old Polish DJ Mark Borowski.

Van der Burgh — who was apprehended after police received several key leads from eyewitness testimony — confessed to the murder. He added to the confession by telling police that he was simply doing what “any vinyl purist would have done.”

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Putting on a vinyl-based event?

Posted By Stephan G on May 27th, 2013

If you’re hosting, attending or even just know about an upcoming record fair, all-vinyl mixing comp, store sale, in-store album signings or anything else involving the vinyl medium, please contact us because we’d love to include the news on this site and the facebook page.




This is dedication

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What does a £2,500 record sound like?

Audiophile Pete Hutchison has gone to extraordinary lengths to reissue golden era classical recordings in their purest form. He talks to Killian Fox about the price of perfection, the ‘digital con’, and the sound of a truly analogue recording

Pete Hutchison in his studio in west London

Four years ago, Pete Hutchison realised that his record-collecting habit was getting out of control. From a young age he had been buying music across a wide variety of genres – folk, rock, punk, jazz, house and techno – but recently he’d been getting into classical music, and that, for a lover of rare vinyl, is an expensive move. Classical music tends to fetch much higher prices on the collector’s market than other genres. “In a single year,” he says, “I spent £40,000 just on classical, not counting all the other music I was buying.” One purchase that year, a rare box set of Mozart recordings from 1956, set him back £7,000.

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