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A guide to Sydney’s indie record stores by Sydney’s indie record stores. You can download the map, complete with walking tour route suggestions, or find printed versions in all the listed stores and surrounding shops and cafes. Of course, the experience doesn’t  just stop at the boundaries of our map, so use this guide as a place to start and then keep hunting off the beaten path, because that’s where all the action happens.


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Diggin’ Sydney and Record Store Day

Posted By admin on April 13th, 2016

The new Diggin’ Sydney Map hits the streets of Sydney today. Pick up yours from any good Record Store and selected street press outlets. Pick up one for a friend while you’re at it! 33 awesome stores in total – spanning Greater Sydney from Town Hall to Katoomba, and beyond. The website and store guide have also been updated to include all the new info and listings.

It is of course Record Store Day this Saturday, April 16. Make your sure you’re out there supporting independent record stores, local musicians and small business. Think twice before you set foot in any chain stores; independent record stores can only survive as long as you continue to support them.




Big thanks to Audio Technica for their support this year, and a massive shout out to Stephan G. from Record Store for all his efforts in making Diggin’ Sydney a reality again this year. Slap him a high-five next time you see him 😉


Welcome RPM in Marrickvile

Posted By admin on February 1st, 2016

RPM – Records, Posters, Memorabilia
113 Marrickville Road | Marrickville, 2204
(02) 9569-3465 |  www.rpmrecords.com.au

Tue-Sun: 11am-7pm | Thur-Sat: 11am-10pm
RPM Records is the ultimate destination for music lovers. We have a large amount of Vinyl, CD’s, DVD’s, also Music Posters, Books, T-Shirts, and an impressive collection of Framed Vintage Music and Sports Memorabilia for sale. Something for every taste and budget. We buy, sell, and trade and would love to show you our shop, next to the Gasoline Pony, so drop in next time you’re near Marrickville!
View Map

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Mobile Record Store

Posted By Stephan G on June 26th, 2015

With rental prices in Sydney always on the rise, one enterprising artist decided to take his trade on the road – literally.

For eight years, George Pizer sold vintage records and clothes at Pigeon Ground Records & Clothing. The Camperdown store was a two-pronged operation; Pizer oversaw clothing, Tim Barber took care of the records. By the time escalating rents pushed Pizer out to Katoomba in 2013, his interest in vinyl had been decided.










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A Record Store Photo Book

Posted By Stephan G on June 25th, 2015

“Since 2009 I have been working on the photographic documentation about the culture of record stores. I travelled around five continents and photographed over 160 record stores in 35 cities to date, such as New York, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Stockholm, Sydney, Oslo, London, Paris, Brighton, Berlin, Newcastle, Glasgow, Reykjavik, Los Angeles, San Francisco, etc.”

Bernd Jonkmanns

RECORD STORES - The photobook about record stores

RECORD STORES – The photobook about record stores










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New Printed Guide OUT NOW

Posted By Stephan G on April 25th, 2015

Available from all the independent record shops in Sydney.

For online versions click the two links up there on the right.


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Liquorice Pizza – Vinyl market & Swap Meet

Posted By Stephan G on March 13th, 2015


This election day, Saturday 28th March, don’t drag your sorry butt out of bed in the name of democracy, bounce gleefully from your repose to participate in a sweet FREE event made possible, yes in part by democracy, but also :

Ben Fester, Barney and/or Kato, Cafe Lounge and the Record Store who present a “Vinyl Market and Swap Meet” like no other.

This is not a record fair of record shops and trestles. This gathering will happen in the luxurious surrounds of Cafe Lounge from Midday til 6pm. There will be a bar and BBQ and there will be open decks curated by the Wax Lab crew and vinyl sellers will be sprinkled around the venue as the tables are currently arranged. ALL GENRES WELCOME.

We have a host of Sydney’s DJs, collectors, record shop geeks and vinyl junkies lined up including Phil Smart, Kato, Ben Fester, Ritual, JNR and plenty more.

BUT, this is not an exclusive thing …

If you have a spare crate of vinyl lurking, you know, tunes you bought that never quite fat in your collection, or doubles you may have been saving for just such an occasion, this is your chance to come and offload and reload with cash or wax. Drop us a line or, heck, turn up on the day with $10 and set up on a stool.




Entry for Buyers/Drinkers/Hangers Outers = FREE

Bring 1 Crate to sell, cost = $10
Bring up to 4 crates to sell, cost = $20


And if you want some history :


Even Steve Jobs Hated MP3s

Posted By Stephan G on November 20th, 2014


Steve Jobs, the man who invented the iPod and ignited the digital music revolution, never listened to MP3s.

Instead, he only listened to vinyl. He felt there was something vacuous about listening to music in a digital form and was surprised at the success of his own product — that so many people had willfully traded quality “for convenience or price.” He had good reason to be skeptical.

Digital doesn’t hold up: Nothing about the way we listen to music these days commands attention like or yields the quality of a physical record. Though there is a movement back towards vinyl, there’s an even bigger movement towards streaming — and with it, a whole new paradigm for how we hear music.

But it’s clearer than ever before that the digital revolution has changed not only how we consume music but what music can do for and to us. Expert scientists have begun to explore the possibility that listening online might totally neuter music’s power over listeners.

Their conclusion? It does. Powerfully.



Read the full article here

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Vinyl Manufacturing Reaching Capacity

Posted By Stephan G on September 5th, 2014

Oh No.
We need more machines!



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Dust & Grooves

Posted By Stephan G on June 2nd, 2014

Men of Wax! 3-N http://www.esquire.com/blogs/culture/eilon-paz-dust-and-grooves-book-excerpt

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Never get sick of this Story

Posted By Stephan G on April 2nd, 2014
Makes us happy




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